Just saying - No. Marginalizing the Absurd

I don't vote. Not because I don’t want to get my hands dirty in that “nasty business,” but due to well-thought and fully informed interpretations of the Christian texts and the histories of communities of radical faith who made other choices to contribute to the well being of their neighbors and enemies without working and spending to coerce favored outcomes. Justice achieved by coercion, in my understanding, is not a biblical approach to relationship building and kenotic stewardship of resources that are claimed by right rather than received as gift. Sheep-like or lamb-of-God like, it is not a decision based on finding a pure place to stand nor an indictment of democracy per-se, but recognition that some people of God are called to a different witness than winning, proving, or identifying with the 51%.

Voting tyrants are often like gun control proponents. It

sometimes seems that the stereotypes used by the left are as nasty as they are on the right when a point needs to be proven. I can't remember how many "fat, toothless, country-ass-bumpkins holding on to their guns and their gods" are the people that took care of me, fed and clothed me and my parents, and worked hard trying to do the right thing despite their ignorance. I am a fat, toothless, rural Christian pacifist - a well educated poor farmer, social work clinician, and PhD student making wise decisions concerning my gun ownership and use. I violate stereotypes with great relish.

I am a firm biblical pacifist, often mistaken by lots of people as one of their “peacemaking friends”, or one of the “conservative religious-nut others." Voting too often attempts to win outcomes by resolving presenting problems and not the deeper social issues and capitalist realities of racism, sexism, and homophobia through a vote that, in fact, maintains the war machine, capitalism, cultural or civic religious power and control. It serves as the antichrist of Revelation against the egalitarian and least-of-these-populated Kingdom of God. I’m not concerned if you vote - do the right thing.

Quite trying to marginalize folks who are doing the right thing as they see it. Trust me my pro-democratic process loving friends, I am not one for knee-jerk reactions and judgments of other people, nor am I mistaken about reality due to religious or patriotic mythologies or manipulations. If I belong in jail (LOL I work in prisons four days a week educating prisoners) or am to be labeled and enemy of democracy - so be it. I'll stand next to the media on the margins I suppose. Pasty-ass Americans are always blaming their failures on peoples who don’t buy into their perspective.

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