A Revelation to Evangelicals…

The too-often hidden truth among Christians is unveiled. In fundamentalist terms, the end is now. In Evangelical terms, this unveiling reveals who will be “left behind” while others are magically rescued from persecution and catastrophe. In biblical terms, however, this truth is that American Evangelicals will be judged in accordance with the Laodicean error. For those who have ears, let them hear. Evangelical Christendom promotes the lies of privilege. Evangelicals are drowning all of us in a lake of fire stirred and maintained by the spirit of Nero Redivivus.

Since Constantine, political struggle among the faithful regarding transference of the cross of Jesus into the power and control mechanisms of rulers from Roman democratic ideals to Western liberal democracies. The church found it easier to eliminate challenges to its accumulated wealth and privileged status than to humble itself. It was easier to weaponize the text among the illiterate and judge them for their poverty. It has historically been the case that the church will weaponize the text to shame the poor, control women, enslave persons of color, and organize hatred. The church has consistently given support via electoral politics to rulers and regimes who dismiss the value of human life by slaughtering innocents who demand dignity and justice. Verily, wherever the gospel is read, revolution erupts from those demanding justice. The conservatives of the faith has entrusted rulers to punish those demanding liberation in Jesus’ name. Our Exodus never ends because of an eternal Christ. How long will you trust Caesar?

This is the Laodicean error of American Christendom. You trust power rather than the cross. You trust Caesar rather than the Christ. You legislate against abortion without sacrificing time and resources that would make the joy of childbirth and parenting a universally joyful experience.

You legislate racial privilege and judge the victims, sentencing them to death without trial.

You legislate against the refugee, forgetting that God brought you out of Europe from religious bondage.

You legislate on behalf of the rich and their millions, and celebrate the poor getting pennies.

You legislate on behalf of the military and refuse to pay a living wage to those who march.

You legislate on behalf of wealthy and refuse to pay a living wage to those who work.

You legislate on behalf of an Almighty God who asks not for help and you take credit for righteousness that is God’s alone.

Laodicean America – your faith is in your might and your money - not in God. Your prayers are for wealth and safety, yet your comfort is buoyed by the backs of the poor, your safety by the very walls of Jericho. You have left people behind, and you have elected anti-Christ to build the wall higher. American Laodicea take notice – God’s justice is not social justice nor is it your justice. The Constitution is not equal to the Bible. The Flag is not the Cross.

Repent, for though you walk in the umbrella shadows of privilege, the Other suffers on the political cross you have erected. You will knock at the door of the kingdom declaring the purity of virgins but will be turned away by the ones you reject. “Really – I do not know you!” Salvation will come, indeed, to those you left behind, persecuting them as other. A fiery swamp is surely your reward, a wall built around it so that your eternal happiness will be unmarred by the cross and its truth, and all of us whose trust is in God’s righteousness.

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